Company Profile


Asia Pacific Edu & Training Sdn Bhd 

was established in 2013. We have been taking prudent steps in building our cornerstone and are now looking forward to continuing our path of providing high quality and professional advice for parents and their children and adult who would like to continue their education locally or abroad with an academic as well as vocational direction.
We specialize in local and International Education, Real Estate & strategic business management. In short, we offer consulting services, offering clients expert advice and innovative solutions.

From a single office, we has grown and expanded. As well as our Head Office in Klang, we have global partners offices in China, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Russia, Sudan and Myanmar.
We represent in excess of 200 education providers, including universities and colleges, in Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the UK and the US.

EDUCATION Many of our students seek to pursue academic courses in Canada, the UK and the US, and therefore we specialize in university education. These countries enjoy an international reputation for innovative teaching and achievement of internationally recognized qualifications. With that, we offer students outstanding academy opportunities from Pre-Degree, Bachelor, Master and PhD Programs to further their education as a means to achieving their goals.
For student application, we first assess a student’s eligibility to apply for education, and depending on each student’s education and transcripts, and the course of study they wish to pursue, we select a suitable college or university to submit a formal application. Thereafter we help them through the process of study visa applications.
We further assist students with accommodations, Travel, Transportation and Guardians if required.

REAL ESTATE & STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTATION Focused on SME’s, Enterprises in expansion phases and internationalization of their operations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Education and Training Organizations, constantly investing to improve state-of-the-art knowledge not only in the domains of our core expertise but also in advanced technological areas that would potentially create new business activities, enhancing our service offering. We provide Analysis, Design, Implementation and Management of Developmental and Integrated Programs and Projects. Development Studies. Implementation of strategies of innovation development.